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Rembrandt self-portrait

He is very recommendable, before visiting any country to read on its famous painters and to learn on its culture and its art, thus once you are in the museums, facing its pictures you will be able to include/understand them far better and to see behind the brush-strokes the personality of the artist and its genius.

This recommendation is especially if we spoke of Holland, that so great exponents of the art it gave to the world. Today we will center in to speak of life of painter good well-known, that was masterful of the light and the shade, of claroscuro, that were able to equip its pictures with an incredible depth, and del that we found many works in the Dutch museums.

Everybody knows Rembrandt Van Rijn (1606-1669). He was son of the miller of Leiden and, although it tried to study in the university let soon it to become apprentice of painter. With nineteen years already it installed his own factory and it was so evident his talent that with twenty-five years ordered a work to him that would be to make it famous: The lesson of anatomy of the Dr. Tulp (in the Mauritshuis).

One settled in Amsterdam, where their fame and the orders did not let but grow. Nowadays the one that was its house and factory, in the Jewish district can be visited (Rembrandtshuis). Nevertheless he was not a man destined to being happy and the familiar misfortunes were sprinkled with some professional failures: its magnificent fabric the nocturnal round (in the Rijksmuseum) did not like the clients, lost to its mother and her three small children and, only a year later to its Saskia wife. The years from 1640 to 1642 were terrible for the painter.

From then Rembrandt he was a tormented man, who accumulated works for itself then could not sell them. It crossed the city febrile drawing and it is dedicated to paint Biblical scenes. In the personnel, it maintains relations with a new lover, Hendrickje, cohabitation that to him the excommunication is worth, but it does not leave it.

One goes to ruin and it has to leave his mansion of the Jewish district, moving to the most modest district of the Jordaan. She is then when pinto the Jewish fianc2ee (Rijksmuseum). It founds a new factory along with his wife and the unique son whom it has left, and reclaims clients and something of prosperity. Faithful to itself sells his very expensive works and she refuses to alter them. The pride of the painter follows alive in him.

Hendrickje dies and four years later his son will do. Rembrandt only remains in the world and its pain is so great it consumes that until taking it to the death in October of 1669, when counted on 63 years. The city saw the death of one of the greatest painters of history with indifference. It was buried to him, but its tomb has never been.

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