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The route by the commercial places more outstanding of the city would not be complete without visiting the district of Jordaan, one of most interesting by its past. One is a working district of century XVII, with an identity very marked and ingrained traditions, besides an atmosphere informal and relaxed del that cannot be stopped enjoying during a trip to Amsterdam.

Jordaan, channel, Amsterdam

The side streets of Jordaan are characterized by the colorful channels, the art galleries, the abundant taverns and the stores more original than can be. They are located mainly in the main channels: Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht.

Starting off from the Dam place, it is necessary to take the way from the left of the Real Palace and to follow by the Paleisstraat street. After to cross the first bridge, on the Singel channel, it is arrived at Gasthuismolensteeg. To the right, is the store of Brillenwinkel glasses, that owns the glasses more outlandish than it can imagine, besides more classic and elegant styles.

Walking by the streets of Jordaan, they abound boutiques fashionable, yet type of alternative and surprising proposals. The small stores are characteristic of this district, in which they are obtained from foods to articles for the home. It is a special zone, in that the specialized businesses stay, in spite of the height of the great markets. Many of their contenders prefer personal and amiable the atmosphere who provide the premises with Jordaan, taken care of by their owners.

Jordaan, Amsterdam

The art galleries are a imperdible attraction of this old district. Many of them work in places that before belonged to gastronomical businesses, like bakeries or dairies. The constructions of long ago contrast magnificently with the pieces of art that are exhibited in their interior, pertaining to local and international artists, between who they emphasize names known all parts of the world.

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