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Warehouses, boutiques and great commercial centers: everything in Amsterdam seems thought to enjoy behind schedule purchases by its glad streets. Next, Dam, an inescapable commercial route of the Dutch capital.

Kalverstraat, routes of purchases in Amsterdam, Dam

Kalverstraat, part of the route of the center, in Amsterdam.

Dam, the heart of Amsterdam, is one of the visited zones more of the city. One is the central place, on the feet of the National Monument. Here the route begins, by department store Of Bijenkorf, located to the right if the back occurs to the monument.

In the opposite end the Rokin street is born: in the corner they can be observed - and be acquired, if to be it does not repair much in the prices! - the pieces of the diamond factory Amsterdam Diamond Center, one of most prestigious of the country. In addition, the street is famous by the store of pure Hajenius and the warehouses Maison de Bonneterie.

Great Place, behind the Real Palace, is a commercial center that works in the old Post office, a building that has been catalogued like monument. Its facade of classic architecture instills a surprising majesty to him, that does not stop drawing attention in the context of the exclusive stores that lodges.

Kalverstraat is the concurred commercial street more of the city, and also it is born to the left of the Dam place. The stores with souvenir, the warehouses and boutiques abound in her, and when arriving at the final end is the modern Kalvertoren tower, whose commercial center was inaugurated recently.

At the end of the Kalverstraat street the Munttoren tower is elevated. Crossing his door and turning to the right it is arrived at Bloemensingel, a colorful market of flowers in which they abound, of course, the most exotic tulips.

When the market of flowers finalizes, the way can be taken from the left and to continue by Leidsestraat. Before crossing the first bridge is Scheltema Holkema Vermeulen, one of the greatest bookstores of the city. In the corner with the Keizersgracht channel it is the building that lodges to the modern warehouses Metz & Co. In the part superior a bar works from which fascinating views of Amsterdam are obtained.

Finally, it is necessary to visit the Hoofstraat streets, Go Baerlestraat and Beethovenstraat, crossing the Leidsplein place. One is the more elegant commercial zone of Amsterdam, where are the more famous stores of luxury: international jewellers, boutiques, stores of shoes and fashion.

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