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During a year, from April of 2008 to April of 2009, Amsterdam will be the World-wide Capital of Libro, named by the UNESCO within the framework of a project of international importance with a view to the promotion of the book and the reading. Diverse activities will be developed under the motto “an open book? chosen by the city. During a year, to visit Amsterdam will have an extra value that is added to its many attractions.

Amsterdam, city of the book

Bookstore of Amsterdam.

Every year, the UNESCO and three important international associations of the publishing industry - the Union the International of Editores (UIE), the Federation the International of Libreros (FIL) and the Federation the International of Associations of Librarians and Bibliotecas (IFLA) - name to a city like the World-wide Capital of Libro.

This year is the turn of Amsterdam, that develops this function from the 22 of April and that will yield the honor from the distinction to Beirut the 23 of April of 2009. The freedom of expression characterizes to the capital of Holland from a past that today is distant, when in the 1600 approximately region it was freed of the Spanish siege and the domination of the Catholic Church. Many writers, thinkers and publishers arrived up to here to take refuge of the censorship that was exerted in its places of origin.

The blossoming of the international trade stimulated the improvement of the graphical arts, that provided with precise maps the navigators. Many publishing houses and the presses were founded and the works published in Holland grew in number and they dispersed by diverse countries.

Until April of 2009, great amount of activities and initiatives that they will have by protagonists to the book and the habit of the reading will be place of appointment of readers, authors, publishers, booksellers and librarians, who will be able to debate in fashion about the subjects in the publishing scope. For such aim seminaries will be organized and to char them. Also there will be cultural inaugurations of libraries and centers, and festive events like the parade of masks of the protagonists of infantile Literature will be realized. Ana Frank, Baruch Spinoza and Annie Schmidt was appointed icons of the project.

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