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The Stedelijk Museum - or Municipal Museum of Amsterdam, located in the district of the museums, is one of the most innovating and interesting museums of modern art of the world. From his inauguration in 1895, it has been object of controversies by his artistic elections, their financial policy and its decisions. Nevertheless, it cannot refuse that its collection is one of most complete and rich than exists.

Museum Stedelijk, Amsterdam

Between 1891 and 1895, a building in the district of the museums was constructed, near the Rijksmuseum, to lodge the collection of art and antiques that August Sophia Lopez Suasso de Bruyn donated to the city.

Due to the search of historical values that the local architecture carried out at that time, the facade of the building was neoRenaissance and was decorated with many figurative sculptures. During successive renovations, it was modernized and simplified and several of these ornaments they were eliminated.

Still today, in spite of the preeminent taste by the simple structures, the resistance between the Renaissance architecture of the museum and the modern collection that keeps are pleasant for the Dutch visitors. In 1938 the Stedelijk Museum was named museum national of modern art. From its collection, in 1973 the Museum Van Gogh, located just next to first was created, in a modern building.

The collection of the Stedijk Museum includes exponents of the movements Impresionist, Fauvista, Cubista and Expresionista, and counts on a unique collection of 29 paintings Malevich Cashmere. Also it owns a magnificent collection of photography, one of design and decoration and several focused in European and American tendencies from 1950, with pieces of Matisse, Picasso, Newman, Warhol. The total collection completes with samples of Italian Povera Art and German modern painting.

Cinematographic readings, presentations and projections in the evening take place every Tuesday in floor 11. From the restaurant, bar and club located there a moving view of the heart of Amsterdam is obtained. It offers one varied exhibition of art, films, photographs, video and design, putting the center in the contemporary events as of 1968.

At present, the Stedelijk Museum is being remodelado, and it hopes that it is reopened in December of 2009. Meanwhile, its collection is in Oosterdokskade, the district in which old and the new city is. It occupies part of the post office.

Practical information on the temporary building

  • Address: Oosterdokskade 5, 1011 AD Amsterdam.
  • Schedule: daily, from 10 to 18 hs.
  • Entrance: 9 Euros.

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