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Consecrated to the Virgin Maria, first, and soon to Santa Catherine, the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) is nowadays place of important exhibitions related to exotic cultures and concerts of organ. In addition, the coronations of the kings and the queens of Holland occur there, and the weddings of the royalty are celebrated between their walls. Besides its beauty, this church of Amsterdam must much offer to its visitors.

New church, Amsterdam

In 1408, the bishop of Utrecht authorized the construction of a new church, since the population was in fast increase. This Nieuwe Kerk would be added to the Old Church - Oude Kerk-, but the building had been initiated already in 1380, with the aid of the grants of Willem Eggert, a rich retailer. Today, a street next to the church takes its name.
Of the original construction, lamentably, it is very little. In 1645 a great fire forced to realize reconstructions. Jacob Van Campen was to his position, and the work was realized in Renaissance gothic style. In contrast to the majority of the churches, the New Church does not own a remarkable tower. In spite of being in the plans, the remodelings and the sprouting of the protestants in the political scene suspended all the works.

The interior of the church is illuminated by its 75 windows. The pulpit was carved in mahogany by Vinckerbrinck, work that took 15 years to him. The rest of many famous personages are conserved in this church: Jan van Galen, Michiel Adriaansz de Ruyter, Goes Speyck; all of them, admirals who participated in the establishment of a Republic of Holland.

The building, nowadays, is not used for religious offices. It constitutes a temporary showroom, between which they excel the dedicated ones to exotic cultures. The coronation of the kings and the real queens of Holland and weddings take place in the New Church. Their concerts of organ enjoy great reputation between the cultural activities of the country.

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  • Address: Dam | Old Center: New Side, Amsterdam 1001, the Netherlands

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