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Amsterdam is recognized by its liberality and its cultural modernismo. One of the great famous tourist attractions shops is their coffee, in which you have the opportunity to smoke, and to even taste in pastries and sweets, the cannabis. Some of the streets that cross the Oude Zidje, old part of the city, are famous by the existing atmosphere; by some of them the scent to marijuana nothing else attracts to enter by the street, and even if you show yourself to the interior of one of those coffees, you will see its clients move enters the fog that produces the smoke of this product.

Hash Museum Marijuana

Amsterdam has the unique museum of Europe on the history of the cannabis, the Hash Museum Marijuana, from its origins, towards the 8,000 a.C to the present time. In him we will be able to know the different uses that throughout history have occurred him, from the manufacture from clothes, to for the treatment of ears, and is that for example, in Amsterdam, towards century XVI he was habitual to use the marijuana like medicine.

In century XIX-XX, the medicinal use happened to derive to the shipbuilding, so important for the country, and is that the fiber of the cannabis for the cords was used.

Peculiarly the museum, that in addition sets out a very good collection of pipes, has its own plantation and, in addition, it undergoes the police casts frequently.

The Hash Museum Marijuana is in the Oudezijds Achterburgwal, 148 practically next to the famous Red District of Amsterdam. At him you can arrive in buses 4, 9, 14, 16, 24 and 25 and its 22 schedule is from 11 to h.

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