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Amsterdam is a city that is full of surprises and one of they just found it them behind the facade of the channel Herengracht 497 where is not at all a conventional Museum and that it can like or dislike, according to like or not animal them, and the more concretely the cats. The Museum receives the name of “the cabinet of the cats?.

Cabinet of the cats

In this museum, as its name indicates, a great collection of images will be able to be observed objects as well as the paper that has had the cat in the art and the culture through the centuries. The Cabinet of the Cats was founded on memory of the cat John Pierpont Morgan (1966-1983). Certainly you will ask yourselves why a cat has such recognition and is because he was during all their life the companion of Bob Meijer, the founder of the Cabinet of the Cats.

You already know that there is people who “adore? to the animal so she would not have to be strange to us too much. In addition, one tells that the cat, every quinquennium, received a special gift. And in his quinceavo birthday its image appeared in a bill of American dollar. The text “We trusted God? on the ticket especially was adapted for with the text “we did not trust no dog?.

The Museum is made up of five different spaces: the room of dance, flood of glasses and you apply that they date approximately from year 1750; the room of music, with precious paintings in the ceiling dates approximately from 1870; the Mechel room, that dates from 1886; a library and the main room (or entered).

The entrance to the museum costs 5 € for the adults whereas, for the children, 50€ costs 2' (of 2 to 12 years).

So if we are of passage by Amsterdam and we want to make a visit to a museum different from which everybody has to us customary, the Cabinet of the Cats is the best possible option.

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