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The heart of Amsterdam is in this ample place, place of encounter of the Dutch young people and many tourists to whom this Dam Place and its obelisk serve as reference to orient themselves in the city.

Dam place 

The Dam Place

Probably your arrival to Amsterdam becomes to the central station. If you arrive at the airport of Schiphol, the way simplest to arrive at downtown is taking the train that has shutdown in the ground floor of the airport and that will hardly leave you in Centraal Station in 20 minutes. In addition, this transport is cheaper than the bus. Once in Centraal Station, leaving by the fore door you will be with a place very journeyed, where cars, bicycles and street cars will be crossed to you. Crossing the place, you have the Damrak street, an ample and commercial, full avenue of stores and mainly, restaurants and bars, that will take directly to the Dam Place.

The Damrak removes right to the center from the Dam place, being to your right the Real Palace to you and to the left the obelisk and basic the Kralsnapolsky hotel. It is a fresh and vital place where you will see people of all types. You take mental note from the place because it is the alive example than it is Amsterdam: a cosmopolitan city in that you can encontrarte any thing, not in vain, is the standard of the liberal spirit. There people of all the nationalities agglutinate turn that it into a multiracial and multilinguistic zone. In addition the tourists and the children enjoy becoming photos between the hundreds of doves that, customary already to the tourism, do not doubt in remaining quiet hoping eaten.

Right in the corner of the Damrak with the Dam Place on the facade of a building we can see the relief of San Nicholas, landlord of Amsterdam, that dates from century XV. By hand right, in the Mozes in Aaron Straat it is the Nieuwe Kerk, in which it emphasizes the golden ceiling that there is on the choir. In this church you can attend some concerts of Gospel. Presiding over the place, and in front of against the Nieuwe Kerk, it is in favor the Real Palace, Koninklijk Paleis, whose classic facade and sculptures that there are at sight are dedicated to the Government of the city then at the time of their construction, in 1648, was constructed like City council. Nowadays it is used for some official rececpiones of the Kings of Holland.

Real palace in the Dam Place 

Real palace in the Dam Place

To the right of the Real Palace, and to the other side of the place and the Damrak it is the Wax Museum of Madame quite famous Tussauds throughout the world. Finally, and in the left side of the Dam Place, against the Krasnapolsky, one is the obelisk, raised national monument in honor to the Dutch fallen in the course of 2ª World war, represented by two from Leon heraldic ones that there is on the feet of the monument. In the perrons of this traditional monument, arrival the afternoons many young people meet and the place acquires a different and more smiling life.

The Dam Place is always the beginning of any route by Amsterdam. According to the side that we take we will be able to go to the Red District, either towards the district of the Jordaan, or to ahead take the commercial street from Kalverstraat will take that us to the Begijnhof and the more to the district from the museums. Right to the bottom of the place it is also the oldest street of Amsterdam, the Nes street, that was center of the Dutch theater during 150 years.

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