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The Zoo Artis is one of the places in which the children will enjoy pretty it just like the adults who, although cost to admit it to us, sometimes we enjoyed so much as a boy.


Artis is in Amsterdam and it is characterized for being a full place of tranquility in the middle of the society and life of Is a very beautiful park where animal of almost all the parts of the world can be contemplated.

In addition, it is equipped with monumental buildings that make of the zoo a unique experience since, although the climatic conditions are not the best ones, are conserved perfectly.

Artis also has a acuarium, a planetarium, a geologic museum, a zoological museum, a greenhouse and a farm (where smallest they can interact with farm animal, such as goats, ducks, gallinaceous pigs and, that circulate freely around the sector).

The animal (zebras, ñus, ostriches,…) usually they run freely through the zones destined for them, the “new African Savannah?. Also we will be able to be silver-plated wolves (with the difficult thing that it is to see wolves nowadays).

At the moment Artis is open every day of the week, of Monday to Sunday, 9 in the morning to 6 of afternoon. The price of the entrance differs according to the age that we have, thus, for the 17 adults will be of' 50€, for children of 3 to 9 years 14€, for 16 majors of 65' 50€ and for the partners or benefactors he will be completely gratuitous.

But since there are saying, Artis is not only a zoo, in the planetarium, for example, we will be able to enjoy several projections on the Cosmos or in the Geologic Museum we will be able to see the exhibition “Genesis in Artis? on the processes reason why it has formed, and still nowadays they cause that it forms, the Earth.

Thus, the zoo Artis not only contributes to amuse the people who are going to visit it but to take care of of animal species, some of them in extinction danger.

Photo Via: Zoo Artis

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