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Amsterdam seems to live to two different rates: the one of the central ring where the life is very active and cosmopolitan, where people go and come and you can find people of all the nationalities, and the one of the district of the Museums, where everything is tranquility and barren and mainly what you see they are to the tourists that approach to see the Rijksmuseum or the Museum Van Gogh, mainly, or the Dutch that approaches to awhile pass in the Vondel Park pleasant, the greater park of the city.


To arrive is quite easy. If it beams walking you will take about 40 minutes, but it is a stroll that you can like. Once you are located in the Dam Place, you go straight by the most commercial street, the Kalverstraat, to the by hand right mediation toalmente you toalmente have the Heiligeweg street will remove that you to the Koningsplein, and of there straight until the Leidseplein. Crossing the Singelgracht channel you will have the Vondel opposite Park, and next to him, to little distance, the zone of the museums.

If you decide to go in street car, takes the lines 2 and 5 that stop next to the Rijksmuseum, and but the 3 and 5 that stops next to the Concertgebouw.

It was during century XIX when it was decided that zone would be the cultural zone of Amsterdam, and there the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum and the Convertgebow were constructed. The second museum more known Amsterdam, the one of Goes Gogh, would not arrive until 1973. The district of the Museums is, in addition, a place of tribute for the victims of holocausto during World War II by the many representative statues that there are there.

The Rijksmuseum is a palace of neogothic, spectacular style, that emphasizes by its two towers finished in pinnacles. It lodges the collection of more important Dutch art of the country with more than 50,000 works between pictures, historical pieces of art and objects. It is in addition the front door to the zone of gardens by where they are distributed the different visits that we will do.

And it is that under the Museum there is a series of arcs will take that us to the part of back where the Museumstraat begins.

First that we will be in the parallel street, the Paulus Potterstraat, is Coster Diamonds. If you reserve an excursion in which they take to see to you carve a diamond, surely they will bring to you here. She is open from 1840.

They go Gogh 

A little advanced more we were the Museum Van Gogh, abierto in 1973 and dedicated to works of the brilliant Dutch painter.

Next to him, it is the Stedelijk Museum, where it is the collection of modern art of the city of Amsterdam.

Our following visit will be the Concertgebouw, a style building clácio where concerts by the wonderful acoustics are celebrated that it has. Indeed, this last building is located in the street Go Baerlestraat, the street of Amsterdam that groups more stores of luxury.

When you have gotten tired to visit museums, the district, of very elegant style and better off airs, is a good place to walk it, although would recommend I you that you fuérais to the VondelPark, the magnificent park of Amsterdam… pools, wooden bridges, and a spectacular combination of flowers of colors will give the welcome you and they will make you enjoy. 

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