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We already commented to you that Amsterdam is a city that, still conserving its characteristic traditional flavor, appears as cosmopolitan and likes to be conceited of modernity. It is that same cultural variety and ethnic the one that causes that we do not have problems at the time of finding the most varied places of food and drink. The nights of Amsterdam are young and funny, thanks partly also to his more than 10,000 bars and coffees where to share a good short while.

Coffe Shop in Amsterdam 

Coffe Shop in Amsterdam

Anywhere we will be able to find a place to our taste, but without a doubt, where more variety exists is in the neighborhoods of Leidseplein or the Rembrandtplein place. In the district of Pijp is more another one of the zones concurred by the students, mainly, in the surroundings of the Heinekenplein, or the street Gérard Douplein.

Coffeshops is of the most showy and tourist elements of the city of Amsterdam. Its fame extends the borders of Holland, and the tourists, atráidos by the curiosity, usually visit them to live during moments the loaded atmosphere and a little dismal on these bars, permanently full of smoke, with a tenuous illumination, and that characteristic scent to cannabis. It is necessary to consider that the consumption of marijuana in these places is accepted and even there is a competition by which it awards itself to coffeshop that it offers the best cannabis of the city.

Smart shop, a little more not knowing, are stores where you will be able to buy the strangest elements for “colocarte? or to mount your own orchard, by all means, also legal, and is that Holland is one of the most liberal countries of all Europe.

Nevertheless, everything in Amsterdam is not coffeshops, logically. And it turns out very pleasant to seat us in a terrace, next to one of his typical channels to savor an exquisite and aromatic coffee, that are them here and very good. Or a beer, clearly, that stops we are in the paradise of the beer, award that Holland with Belgium shares. The Karpershoek coffee is the oldest coffee of Amsterdam, located in the corner of Maartelaarsgracht with Prins Hendrikkade. The smallest coffee is coffee t' Doktertje in the Rozenboomsteeg street, with 18 meters square only. It is of year 1896, and peculiarly he is higher than wide. Very popular it is the Chicago Boom and it is not necessary to stop proving cakes of the Taart go m' n Tante. There are them original, like the Restaurant of Bazaar, with Arab style; or the Xtra Cold Ice Bar where you will have abrigarte well, because it is to temperatures below cero.

At night the atmosphere is in the Lounges Clubs, like the Stout, or the Club Sand, or the Odeon. Or to dance, like the Jimmy Woo. They are some of most known places leisure noctámbulos. And Amsterdam has much nocturnal life, so… that follows the celebration.

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