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Holland is the paradise of the tulips, but there is a time and a place which to see becomes them an authentic symphony for the senses, of color, of scents, of tact. The gardens of Keukenhof, to about 40 km. of Amsterdam, and between the localities of Leiden and Haarlem.

It aspires deep, it places a foot after another one and lánzate by the footpaths of these gorgeous gardens. It takes your camera because in each revolt of the way you will find a photography to do and to remember.

It is the supreme pleasure to live in a corner of the unique world, but del that can unfortunately only be enjoyed months to the year. This year the schedule of the gardens of Keukenhof is only from the 20 of March of 2008 to the 18 of 19.30 May of 2,008 and 8 to h.

The price of the entrances to the Keukenhof is of 13.5 € if you are adult, 6 if you are young, but I assure to you that it will be an invested good money, because you will leave plenty life. Because to you yourself you will feel it life to get dressed the colors of the park and to impregnate themselves of the scents of the tulips.

The gardens of the Keukenhof, the paradise of the flowers.

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