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As fundamental ingredients of the Dutch kitchen we were with potatoes consumed in great amounts along with the bread, vegetables (of special way the peas) and the fresh fish.

With abundant coasts the marine products come from the North Sea, the well-known eel like gerookte paling and broodje paling if it uses in sandwich, riquísimas originating oysters of Zeeland, mussels that usually prepare fried with butter, the delicious herrings that following a tradition popular usually is consumed crude and the famous bare prawn that is consumed with different sauces (they garnalen).

The traditional kitchen is the one that can be denominated as winter kitchen, very varied in all type of estofados, soups cooked with bacon, sausages,…

The cheese is one of the most symbolic elements and more valued in the Netherlands, some of them are very popular like Gouda, Edam (well-known popularly like ball cheese) and Leiden, cheeses smooth and creamy with a slightly salty flavor.

We will be able to savor exquisite typical plates, like the soup Erwtensoep, very popular, prepared with bare peas, also cooked with hands of pig, leek, potatoes, sausages, celery, salt and pepper, comes from the sailors who gave a high nutritious value him. A plate preparation with cooked cabbages to very slow fire, boerenkool. A puree not very fine with a mixture of carrots, potatoes and onion, that usually uses with meat and sauce known like hutspot, meatballs of fish, prawns or Kroketten meat.

Because of the great mixture of cultures that exists in Holland takes to much the international and exotic kitchen, we delighted with Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and Argentine restaurants.

Important to know before as much abundance of restaurants that we will be with the typical food of Holland if we see a poster with nosey with the colors of Holland and an inscription “Neerlands Dis?.

As habitual drink we will be able to say that the beer of national production is most important. Well-known by everybody thanks to the export, Heineken and Amstel both of very smooth flavor and Oranjeboom and Grolsch with a flavor more hard. He would be advisable to know that if you request one “pils?, they will serve a cane to you and if you request one “vaas?, they will serve a jar to you.

Another one of drinks more consumed is the gin (to jenever). Sometimes the beer is accompanied by small small glasses by well-known gin like Borrel or kopstoot. Also he is very frequent to make distinction between the young people and the aged ones. Most popular it is a gin that comes embasada in bottle of ceramics, that normally goes perfumed luxury yet and that is known like “Bols?.

Entering us in the land of the brandies we will savor the Maastricht advocaat made with berries and crust of alder. And a Dutch cognac species like the Vieux with contained minor alcoholic.

Happening to the cooking customs we were that the breakfast, served very early and very varied usually he is strong, known like “slagroom?, is the food that less problem presents/displays for the tourists since its supply includes any type of food, salty candies and, like drink, milk, coffee or tea, for the smallest hot good chocolate.

The lightest food and in which they take something lighter and not very complicated to prepare. They have a bite to eat small (boterham), and the popular pastelillos of hojaldre saucijzenbroodje pannekoeken and them that they are a species of crêpes, that is tasted in two variants, salty or sweet. The pleasant and famous Droste dessert that is you graze round with chocolate (typical of Haarlem).

And we will arrive at the dinner that to the being the most important and main food of the day, is tasted from six to eight. It really is in this food in that you will be able to taste the Dutch typical food, tables in which do not lack plates cooked with much vegetable, plates of fish, meat…

Like custom, we must know, that the Dutch eat very early, reason why recommended not to go to no restaurant from the ten, but it is not therefore the week ends in which the restaurants usually close a little later.

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