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The city of Amsterdam is well-known like Venice of the European North? due to the great amount of channels that cut the city, surpassing by very many difference to Paris. In fact, it counts on 160 channels and on them 1,281 bridges are praised, of which eight are raisable. Of course, that Amsterdam is a romantic and very pleasant place to take a walk and to even live.

With an average depth of 2 to 3 meters, these channels were constructed between century XII and the XVIII, and are one of attractive tourist the most important one of Holland. The prinpipales channels are Keizersgracht, Singel, Prinsengracht and Herengracht, and unless one dominates the language, we could continue naming more, but their names are long and difficult. The smaller channels usually take to names of the offices and occupations of those who lived or worked there. For example, the Brouwersgracht, channel of the brewers, are where the factories of beer and other warehouses had settled. Whereas the newer channels and bridges are those of the Island of Java. This comprised of the old port and at the moment it is a residential zone.

The strolls by the channels allow to contemplate the beauty of this city, whose greater architecture follows medieval and neobaroque a style, like the Church of San Nicholas, constructed in honor to the employer of the city and in which one of the misas of Sunday is said in Spanish.

Prinsengracht channel

Besides the wonderful urban landscapes, the floating houses in the channels of Amsterdam are perhaps the most peculiar attraction of the stroll. There is around 80 residences mounted on boats in all the city, lodging families with much comfort and refinement. These help the economy and to geographic, since it does not occupy space on mainland and, due to the shortage of space and the great amount of flooded areas, the buildings usually are very expensive.

Floating house

The channels can be crossed in a short stroll where a guide comments about the sites that are crossed. Another option is to take the boat first thing in the morning to have all the day and to make the corresponding shutdowns in the museums. But there is a great variety of services. To rent to the boats to pedal or also the calls water bicycles is one of the options. Although if one is adept to the excursions there are, them extensive until of four hours with meals including, whereas other cruises only realize a generalized route. They are those that include catering, especially designed for celebrations, with possibility of taking champagne or of tasting a good cake on board. Others are designed for young people, where “celebration? is the key word. Some companies even rent more modest boats with capacity for ten people at the most. And it prefers if it, also it can make a cruise nocturne in pair and prove a dinner in the light of the candles while the boat crosses the channels. The prices vary from € 4 to € 70, following the excursion, the ages in those who wish to participate and in the hours that the route lasts.

The supplies are numerous and are many sites from where approaching them the boats. Before it is necessary to acquire ticket in some of the ticket offices that mainly are in the outside of the Central station and the streets Damrak and Rokin. But what is safe it is that whatever visits Amsterdam it cannot stop realizing a stroll by the magical channels and discovering the secrets of the city that made of the water a valuable resource.

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