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Volendam, Golden Circle, Sea of the South

Volendam, a colorful destiny of the Golden Circle

Distributed around the Sea of the South, a group of harbor cities conforms the call Golden Circle, and offers wonderful tourist attractions that go from their peculiar relation with the sea to the culture and the ingrained tradition. Each one of the towns are a window to the form of life of their people, to its history of prosperity, and a paradise for the rest and the diversion.

In bicycle or train, or even on board small boats, the route by the Golden Circle usually initiates in Enkhuizen, that lodges an active sport port in the old adapted fishing center to the modern needs. The architecture of centuries XVI and XVII characterizes its streets, and its emblematic Zuiderzee Museum is a site that there is to visit.

Marken and Volendam are two of the most famous cities of Holland. In them it is possible to observe the fishermen dressing typical suits the zone. The customs very stay cheers in the heart of their settlers and the architecture of their homes, and it transforms them to this into two colorful options to spend the vacations.

The gastronomy is one of its strongpoints: nobody that happens this way will resist to prove a delicious plate of smoky eel just exit of the water, one of infaltables prescriptions in the tables of Marken and Volendam. The famous Dutch cheeses are another one of the ingredients that without a doubt will be present.

The architecture also is very present in small towns like Workum and Makkum, that historically were important mercantile points from where they left to the ships course to the North Sea. The facades of the houses conform a picture that seems extracted of a fairytale.

Hindeloopen stands out by its sale from furniture the northern towns. Painted to the Scandinavian style, these true pieces of overcome us to art to the times at which its production sustained to all the population economically.

In order to make contact with enemy with the nature, nothing better than the Oostvaardersplassen lagoons, home of magnificent natural reserves that are characterized to use the most modern technology to the service of the environment.

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