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Amstel station of Amsterdam

Today we want llevaros to know the Amstel Station Amsterdam, that takes working in the Dutch city from 1939. Besides train station, also you have a shutdown of street car, meter here and of you vary lines of buses. Certainly from any Dutch city and some of the most important cities of Europe you will arrive in train to the Amstel Station.

The station is closely together of the Amstel river. This station lodges the company of Eurolines buses, that connects Amsterdam with the main European cities

Evidently the train tickets vary of price according to the distance that you are going to cross. If you must arrive until the Amstel Station you we can say that there are many hotels and restaurants rather close. For example the Hotel House 400, to the right of the station, at the cost of about one hundred Euros the night. Also you have the Deluxe Bastion Hotel, with a price similar to the previous one, but with gratuitous parking.

A much more reasonable hotel near the Amstel Station of Amsterdam is the Max Hotel, of hardly 50 Euros the double room. This hotel has access to gratuitous Internet and rooms with television of flat screen, strong box and much more. Within the price it is including the breakfast.

There are many other quite reasonable hotels, like the Flipper Hotel, of two stars, in a calm residential part of the South zone of Amsterdam, and a little more moved away is the Victoire Hotel, with gratuitous breakfast within the price of the hotel.

If you are looking for a place to also eat near the station you have a pile of options, like the Coffee Restaurant Dauphine and the Coffee De Omval. They are two places wonderful to take a coffee before the arrival and the exit of our train or when arriving from our Amsterdam flights.

Other opportunities to eat and very reasonable are the classic Pizzahut, although also it is possible to be had dinner and to be eaten calmly in the Restaurant Vandemarkt.

Near the station there are several interesting buildings, like Amsterdam High School, the Rembrandt Tower, the highest tower of the city, the Philips Tower and the Mondriaan Tower, flood of offices in which are all the multinational companies that they have his soothes in Holland. Also you will see the Berlage Bridge, to the west of the station, bridge designed in 1932.

Photo Via Enrico Webers

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