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23-04-2010 | Souto Alves

The Kingdom of the Netherlands (known like Holland by metonimia, tropo that consists of designating a thing with the name of another one, for example to designate the whole, the Netherlands, by the part, Holland) is organized in twelve provinces. One of them, the one of more recent creation, is the province of Flevoland.

Entiéndase “recent creation? of literal way. Flevoland (or Flevolanda in Castilian) is a zone of pólderes won to the sea throughout century XX. Its capital is Lelystadt, although the city with greater push is Almere.

It has a colorful, Jamaican, surprising flag, common fact with the rest of Dutch provinces. We do not know the internal history of the unusual provincial flags (are Jamaicans, yes, but also of cartoons, and even one so what the Spanish with one borders indigo on the gaudy yellow: horterada) but we promise to spend to him its time to you when it is necessary.

Flevoland is full of small towns around of the IJsselmeer, today dulcificado lake of little depth more than karst sea. The recensiones of the visitors are numerous who emphasize the ghostly calm per moments of the lake in the frozen months of the winter. But also the beauty sleepy of a desert place that in spring.

In fact, it is a good place to enjoy the nature through multiple pools, lagoons, channels and marshes. Evidently outstanding place occupies the natural reserve of Oostvaardersplassen, by where the animal trotan to their air.

Oostvaarderplassen is mainly residence of aquatic birds, from cormorants and herons, to geese and marine eagles. In addition, also it is habitat of great herbivores, like wild red deers and horses. The area is considered a natural jewel in the middle of as built-up means as the Dutch.

Although it is not possible to enter certain zones, exist several routes, in bicycle or on foot, that border and of that can be extracted beneficial experiences. That for which those that do not pawn all their happiness on the pleasures of ágora.

If we are city dwellers perhaps Flevoland it is not our better option. Or perhaps yes. Around his more important nuclei (Almere, Lalystadt) there are outlines of a peculiar good architecture. In fact, this province is seen like a model of urban development and urban architecture, in perfect harmony with means.

Not in vain, the majority of Dutch examples of Land Art is here. The Land Art is a species of art of the landscape that directly creates performances on the nature. A sculptural architecture (or an architectonic sculpture) that plays between integration and the artifice, creating paradoxical harmonious dissonances in pale surroundings. If you travel to Flevoland, companions, you do not forget the camera photos…

Photo via: dutchdfa

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  1. It is good for continuing learning, on the Netherlands, did not know this new province, thanks to allow me to know it, greetings.

    Commentary by David
    24-04-2010 @ 4:28 p.m.

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