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20-07-2010 | Souto Alves

Walibi World

In the youngest and “polderizada? province (it goes with the neologism that we finished inventing) of all Holland, Flevoland, is Dronten, and in Dronten it is Biddinghuizen. Perhaps it does not sound to you of much, but he is that in Biddinhuizen is Walibi World, one of the funnier thematic parks of the Netherlands.

The recent history of this park somewhat is injured… not because there have been accidents, calm, but at a more prosaic level: the one of the offices, sale of action and payment of capitals. From it has turned out that the park originally known by Flevohof happened soon has to be called Walibi, later to happen to be Six Flags and again, finally, Walibi World. But that the mess of names does not confuse to us: one is the same dog with different necklaces.

Or not so same dog, the truth. Whenever it has changed of hands the Walibi has been adding new attractions or renewing the existing ones. So that today it counts on an important number of proposals that will please small, great and medium.

The park is divided in different thematic zones: France, Italy, Hollywood Main Street, Forest of Sherwood and some whatever more. The attractions have names like the Condor, Goliath (the one of the photo), Road Runner Express… although what rage does now is a call “Splash Battle?, a species of ship-to-underwater plenty of surprises.

As zones and infantile attractions either usually are not habitual in this type of parks need, nor spin tables, enchanted houses, huntings or attractions of free fall nonapt for delicate hearts.

And finalized the day in the park, we will be able to still visit Dronten, that besides municipality is also a small city or, rather, a town. Perhaps the best thing of the zone, and in fact of the province of Flevoland altogether, is the opportunity to enjoy a calm life in the middle of a nature in which the water is referring the unquestionable one.

Without great cities, the province presents/displays numerous towns around the IJsselmeer. Ulk is a beautiful example of and peculiar flevolandiana population. In addition, a visit to this corner of the world does not have to forget the important natural reserve Oostvaardersplassen. In another one post also we put to you on the track of the Land Art, that art of the landscape that has found in Flevoland a good habitat to reproduce. That yes, with discretion.

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  1. Very interesting the conocimento of this province for me is something new, did not know it but, that good is to know on these so beautiful places, greetings

    Commentary by David
    21-07-2010 @ 5:22 p.m.

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