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Amsterdam is much more that the Museum Van Gogh and coffee shops. Know you it and for that reason you have decided to travel to this city so alive, trepidante in center and relaxed in the channels of districts like the Jordaan. You are a peculiar traveller and for that reason, after visiting the most important attractions you do not remain of arms cruzados.

There are very interesting things that to do in Amsterdam and that move away a little the common thing. you can, for example, acercarte to the Tuschinski Cinema, a jewel art decó de1921 in which films of the present time in six rooms of story project. It will seem to you to be in the happy Twenties.

Another option is to spend all the morning (or all the day, you decide) of swap-meets. And it is that Amsterdam has street markets for all the pleasures. My favorite is the one of antiques of the Niewmarkt. They have all class of old woman knicks-knack, ceramic of Delft old (and others not as much), metallic cake boxes, postal of forty years ago, teapots of Asia (or so they say), books, and other more worldly objects of second hand, like CDs and films. Also there are positions with crafts like purses done with currencies worldwide or lacitos for the hair.

Another swap-meet, this most typical one, is the one of the flowers of Muntplein. You can walk throughout the Singel channel observing the pleasing view of the flowers of colors and all type of plants. You do not forget to buy some bulbs of tulip to plant them in house. he is Dutch to souvenir par excellence! That yes compares some prices because they vary from a position to another one. Usually they are cheaper if you one by one choose who if the purchases already packagings.

A much less popular swap-meet is the one of the arts, closely together of the Tuschinski cinema. Some painters of channels and landscapes take the sidewalk, but further on also there is more modern art. In order to only pasaer itself. The prices are impossible. Also there is a biological product market in Niewmarkt, another one of seals, another one of books as an older person in the Spui place, etc.

If you are tired of as much crossing streets the best thing is to rent one bici and to leave to the pure air of the countryside, way of the towns of the IJsselmeer. A stroll that I assure to you you will enjoy like a boy.

- Practical Information:

  • Tuschinski cinema: Regulierbreestraat 26 (closely together of Muntplein). The films cost between 9 and 10 €, although there are supplies, for example for being hour morning, etc.
  • Swap-meet of antiques: from 9 to 17 h. Sundays.
  • Swap-meet of flowers (Bloemenmarkt): from 9 to 17 h. every day and from 11 to 17,30 Sundays.
  • Market of the arts (Kunstmarkt): from 9 to 17 h. Sundays.
  • Biological market (Niewmarkt): from 9 to 17 h. Saturdays.

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