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Holland that always we had imagined is in the province of Noord-Holland, that summarizes the epic of drainage and wall to the sea (company in principle the condemned to the failure) through pólderes. Not in vain, great part of the territory is below the 0 meters. In order to put itself to investigate…

Enkhuizen is an old located marine port in the IJsselmeer. With a map ahead, you will see that one is in the end of the nose that watches towards the East, bathed by waters than long ago it was the Zuiderzee, the sea of the South, that is to say, the North Sea penetrating the continent.

In 1932 the famous Afsluitdijk was constructed, the dock that both sectioned seas and that condemned, by thus saying, to the sea of the South to a forced change of sex: little by little their waters became sweet and what metamorfoseó in surary lake was salty sea: the Ijssel.

The immediate consequence was than the populations, like Enkhuizen, that from always had lived on the fishing underwent an earthquake. To renew or to die… for some towns was not sufficient with happening to capture startings to concentrate in the fresh water fishing, like the one of eels. Nevertheless, taking a walk by the concurred one, as far as sport boats, port of Enkhuizen, impossible not to think that to our destiny of today it will so badly not have gone to him.

Nothing that to see, nevertheless, with that one mighty marine center, related of intimate way to the vicissitudes of the Dutch Company of the Eastern Indians. The vestiges of the splendor passed of Enkhuizen survive in the buildings once occupied by the Company, so the present Cultural Center De Drommedaris, seated in one old door of the XVI, with double form cylinder.

The historical helmet of Enkhuizen is, therefore, very recommendable, with its main street of bellwether to journey. When arriving at the City council, or happening before some public building, it is not you are strange when seeing hung a senyera: it is not so, although it looks like (peculiar and well different among them they are the flags of the provinces and regions of Holland…).

The two gothic churches, the one of the West and the one of the South, are very insolent (you allow that says a little ñoñamente to it), but of something presumes east town (besides his atmosphere that sometimes clears monastic when not claustrofóbico it, that everything is necessary to say it) is of the Zuiderzeemuseum, the museum of the sea of the South that, by the way, it moves to us to certain considerations about the Dutch.

Energetic types, that at the time were against to the best infantry of the time (the Spanish) until overcoming it, which also they challenged to the sea and. still more incredible thing made, it recoil, their actions demonstrate boldness, innovation, no respect to the uncertainties of the future. At the same time, nevertheless, they are absolutely preservative.

In Holland the nature is not destroyed: it is optimized, improvement, it is embellished. On the other hand, if the necessity forces to turn a piece of the ocean into a fresh water pool, its survival in the most exquisite file makes sure the man at the same time: its memory.

Thus, the Zuiderzeemuseum recreates the life of the towns that depended on the sea of the south with one obtained gentleness. The museum is a living city, with houses of sailors, boats, fishermen, rederas, etc. a tribute in meat and bone to surroundings that gave sense and sheltered in its sine everything a set of traditions during centuries. Because, to be universal, first chance is necessary to begin for being of some site, the mother lives who gave birth to Holland!

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