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The Rembrandt tower, in Amsterdam

The Rembrandt Tower is nothing else and nothing less than the highest building of Amsterdam. As much it is so, in days of cleared time, it is possible to observe from the stop of the construction the city of Rotterdam, to 70 kilometers of distance.

The project to construct this colossal monument initiated in 1987, with the approval of a plan according to which sets of offices in block and several houses in Omval would be elevated, a portion of earth located in the Amstel river, to the south of the station of trains of the same name.

The territory comprises of Amsterdam, and during century XX it went transforming into an industrial park. The Rembrandt tower was finished constructing in 1994 and, since then, he is visible from almost any part of the city in which one is.

At present, Omval largely has a very peculiar aspect, that remembers to the great cities with highest buildings of small apartments, dedicated to its use like offices or homes of accessible prices and basic comforts.

On the other hand, the Rembrandt tower counts on about 135 meters of height, and a total of 35 floors. It finalizes in a needle that adds about 15 meters, giving him a total of 150 meters of stop. Its construction also was emblematic because it became a luck of experimentation in the Netherlands. One was the first building in being designed with a central cement structure and an outside essentially based on steel.

Soon, other buildings with as suggestive names as the one of Rembrandt were constructed in the proximity. The Mondriaan tower was finished building in 2001 and the Breitner tower was ready for year 2002. Also they were thought to work like sets of offices.

Photo Via: Roosaldershoff

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