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The city of Groningen, or Groningen is one of the twelve that the Netherlands form. Is also known it like Stad in Ommelanden that means “surrounding city and earth?.

The city is very pretty and, although she is not very well-known, yes has many monuments to visit that they are worthy to see and, if we have opportunity, we cannot lose to us. Some of them are:

- The Church of martini and the tower “Martinitoren in Martinikerk?. It is the most important monument of the city and the Martini tower is quite old (more than 500 years) besides being very high (although we only can raise until the third gallery).

- The main Station of railroad “Groninger Hoofdstation “. It is as if we entered a cathedral, as an enormous building (it needs the chairs) that we can see in animates Chrno Crusade (in case you have not seen it is in one of the central chapters). The ceilings are decorated, and the windows are very peculiar. In addition, there is a lamppost of six meters of stop that it impresses enough.

- Goudkantoor. Translated as the Gold Office and at the moment is a coffee/restaurant. Its name is because there the “Office of Security for gold and the silver? was located.

- Prinsenhof in Prinsentuin. At the moment it does not have something specific. During years it was the Radio/TV Noord but at the moment no longer they are there.

The Prinsenhoftuin also includes a beautiful garden, one of most characteristic of Holland, abierto in April and until October, from the 10 in the morning to the sun putting.

- The statue Peerd van Ome Loeks: Translated like the “horse of the Lucas uncle?, a statue that is near the Martini Tower.

But not only it has monuments to visit, also it counts on Museums, Parks,… Really, is a tourist place where all we will be able to enjoy and to relax since it is a calm and cosy city.

Here you have some things that will be to you of utility:

- Flights to Groningen

- Hotels in Groningen

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