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Channel of Amsterdam, Holland capital 

Amsterdam, capital of Holland, are counted more between the visited cities. Their channels, their culture and its shaken nocturnal supply do of this destiny chosen by thousands of tourists.

The airport of Schiphol is the main receiver of travelers of the city. One is 15 minutes of the center, to which it is acceded by means of the trains that start off same thence. Numerous airlines also connect to Amsterdam with other countries and with important local tourist points, like Rotterdam and the Maastricht.

Also it is possible to arrive until Amsterdam in train from several European cities. Paris, Brussels and Berlin have services that arrive directly at the Central station. In Paris, from Gare du Nord, the Thalys company counts on trains of high speed that in to four lead us hours to the capital of Holland.

The connection with Spain by highway is very used. Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao are a distance that oscillates between 1400 and 1700 km, and the routes are very well signalized.

When we have decided what way to take to arrive at Amsterdam, it only is to enjoy. Next, we listed the main attractions of the city, not to lose no.

- The Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam is the major and more visited museum of the Netherlands.

- The House of Ana Frank attracts multitudes that every year reach means million visitors. Famous by the stirring newspaper that his father published, this heroin of World War II lives in the heart of all the villagers.

- Heineken Experience takes of stroll by an installation multimedia to us that crosses the process of manufacture of the beer, its history and, of course, it offers one to us tastes end of this consumed delight world-wide.

- The Dam Place, depositaria of the majors monuments of the city, between which are the Real Palace, the obelisk, the Nieuwe Kerk and the wax museum of Madame Tussaud.

- The Red District is everything a symbol. Everything is not sex in its old medieval side streets: the houses of typical architecture and the Oude Kerk are also part of their enchantment.

Desires darte a return to you by Amsterdam? …

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