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Considered the capital of the culture of the north, Groningen is a city university, but especially very apt for the tourism thanks to its magnificent historical buildings, their museums and their many restaurants and coffees. His animated streets they keep fascinating samples from art for those who approach to know it. A visit to its places and gardens will provide pleasing surprises to us.

Oosterpoort, cultural center Groningen

Cultural center Oosterpoort.

Thirty and four works of art, arranged in the corners of the city and on the facades, in places and gardens, guide the route through Groningen, by the most beautiful places of the center. The itinerary begins in the Central Estanción of Groninger, and happens through the museum of the same name, where are the oldest statues, dated in century XVII. One is about from Leon arranged on the museum, and the door of the hospital St Anthony Gasthuis. Further on, on the foot of the Martinikerk church, it is elevated the famous commemorative statue of San Jorge and the Dragoon.

The Martini Tower, more important monument of the city, measures 97 meters and counts on one of the most moving views of the city. She is well-known popularly like d' Olle Grieze - in Spanish, the gray tower and has been the pride of Groningen during last the five centuries. Behind the tower it is where is the Martini church. The paintings of the vault and the choir are unique in Holland.

In the Folkingestraat street is a series of works that turn about main: “happened imagined?. The route finalizes in center cultural of Oosterpoort, where is the Center of Plastic Arts. This way tries to conjugate in a single visit to the city the traditional arts and the contemporary arts, and is in a magnificent view of the most fascinating spaces of Groningen and its interesting history.

Practical information

  • Cost of the route: 9,50 Euros.
  • Where to acquire it: in the Office of Tourism VVV Stad Groningen.
  • Address: Grote Markt 25, 9712 HS Groningen.
  • Duration: 2 hs.

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