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House of Ana Frank

Ana Frank is the symbol by antonomasia of the fight against nazism and the value of those who were threatened by the genocide of Germany de Hitler. The young bean took refuge in a house of the city of Amsterdam, but this monument today is in demolition danger.

Badly conserved and in terrible state the Dutch government says that is the famous house of Ana Frank. Between those battered walls neglected and, the girl wrote her newspaper, as well-known as her home in Holland. From 1942, and to being shortages two years later, in 1944, the family Frank hid itself in that one house that today does not seem to be worthy to remain still on.

In 1950 she was already spoken of the possibility of demolishing this house, along with that they are next to her, in equal conditions of degradation.

The local newspaper Of Telegraaf presented a letter the Secretary of State then, where this one was pronounced with respect to the question. According to their words, the authorities did not think that the house was an historical monument nor a site of artistic or architectonic interest.

From that time, the controversy did not find full stop. The Foundation Ana Frank represents alongside opposite of the debate. In the middle of the last century, they questioned why monument to the refuge was not declared in which the Jewish family lodged itself during her flight of nazism.

In these days, the subject was revived by new rumors that they indicate that, in spite of the terrible conditions of the buildings of the sector, including the house of the Frank, these they represent a danger for the citizens who journey in the neighborhoods. Therefore, the demolition of these structures would be the most appropriate way. So, already you know, if you are of those people whom always they have had in mind to visit the one someday that was home of Ana Frank you you do not think much to it and it reserves first from the flights to Amsterdam that you find. Who knows how long they will maintain it still on.

The resolution of this controversy is something that still is about to see itself.

Photo Via: Amsterdam info

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  1. I would not like they demolished that it, the best thing will be than he is remodelado; then it is a very interesting site, like I am a person with very low resources I cannot visit this place, peo in truth that is a great wealth for its country; in addition, since he is historical, it cannot be demolished.

    Commentary by Francisca
    16-04-2009 @ 9:36 p.m.

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