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Famous by its mills and tulips, Holland is a country that it much more must offer to the traveller besides a ad hoc airport for the transfer. The decision to visit this country can seem unusual but nothing unfortunate. Aside from the practitioner who is that is the same center of Europe, it is the hospitality of his people which makes him to one feel in house. The Dutch average is so amiable and reasonable, that it is not to be surprised that almost all speak English, distinction that contrast with the modernity of their capital, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam will be very cosmopolitan, but it conserves his past and its tradition that share tasteful with the world. They promote its culture in more than 20 official cultural activities to the year. The historical center is the best one conserved of Europe and one of most comfortable due to its dimensions that give sufficient space to the tourists. Whether it likes of the progress or of history and the arts, Amsterdam is the city to visit. The feminine purchases, are discounted.

Architectonic, the city offers hundreds of houses of more than four centuries of antiquity, furrowed by charming channels that they invite to the romanticism, mainly to the dusk. Although it has his urban side that dates from the expansions of the city in centuries XIX and XX, by the end of the past century already conceived the modern constructions with a taken care of criterion of union and of the nature, and in harmony with the historical surroundings.

If the tourist who lets anxious to his hotel in Amsterdam every morning to cross the city is true a loving one of the beautiful arts, the museum of Goes Gogh and of Rembrandt, they are of obligatory visit.

But we do not remain only in the capital, outside Amsterdam are small cities and charming towns. Perhaps in some towns it gets to see villains (in the good sense of the word) in his typical suits and wearing pile shoes.

And if it has true luck, until is one of the traditional wind mills that already is in extinction, displaced by the vile technology. In that sense, it is necessary to hurry, it will not want to lose the opportunity to photograph those landscapes with mills. And if what it likes is the photography, what greater yearning than to catch the arrival of the spring with - eye, thousand million tulips not being colored the horizon. The beautiful photography although, hardly will be able to catch the sensation that this vision leaves in the hearts of are present at those who it, that is the effect of Holland in visits that it.

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