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Jewish district of Amsterdam

The present Jodenbuurt or Jewish District of Amsterdam little has to do with the one of long ago, in which Jewish sefardíes of Spain and Portugal looked for refuge at the beginning of century XVII after their expulsion and which later arrived Jewish from other parts of Europe and other exiled minorities.

Nowadays it lacks the enchantment of other districts of the city and it is looked much more like the typical activity of other gray European cities. Nevertheless, it lodges some places of interest related to the history of the Jews in Amsterdam that you do not have perderte.

For example you can visit the Jewish Historical Museum and enterarte of all regarding the Jewish culture and its diverse vicissitudes throughout history. It includes a mediateca (that yes, closes in vacations) with interesting documents, photos, videos and books. If you are hungry, tastes in its cafeteria Jewish cooking specialties.

Another visit of interest can be the Portuguese Synagog, first of the Amsterdam (1675) and greatest of the world. Through outside it happens inadvertent, but in his interior it has not changed from the day of his foundation. The architect designed who it, Elias Brouwman, was inspired by the Temple of Salomón of Jerusalem to carry out it.

If you go short of money but you want to know more about Jews and one of its more famous offices, the one of diamantistas, you must go to the diamond factory Gassan Diamonds, that offers guided visits totally free. All the process of diamond carving will be explained to you and you will be able to buy one to price of factory clearly (if you want,).

Rembrandt lived in this district during twenty years and in the Rembrandthuis or Casa de Rembrandt you will be able to appreciate all the vital route of its stage sea bream, besides many of its works, coverall etchings.

- Practical Information:

  • Jewish Historical museum: Jonas Daniel Meijerplein 2-4. Abierto from 11 to 17 h. Entrance on the 7.50 €, although are discounts for minors and students.
  • Portuguese synagog: Mr Visserplein 3. H Abre except to 16 every day Saturdays from 10. In winter schedule h closes to 15 Fridays and 12 h Sundays. Entrance 6.50 €, with discounts for minors.
  • Diamond factory Gassan Diamonds: Niewe Uilenburgerstraat 173-175. H Abre from 9 to 17 every day. Gratuitous entrance. Many buses come from tourists, reason why he is recommendable to arrive soon.
  • Rembrandthuis: Jodenbreestraat 4-6. Abierto from 10 to 17 h, Friday up to 21 h. Entrance 8 €, with discounts for minors of 15 years.

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