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In order to move away of the activity of the great cities and their exhausting multitudes, it is not necessary to go into in the countryside or to submerge in waters of the ocean. It will be enough with giving a stroll by Bronkhorst, and enjoying the simplicity and the beauty of the smallest town of all Holland.

Little by little, Bronkhorst goes being shortage by the tourism, but this does not alter its original essence. Place of traditions and totally other people's to the pollution - visual, sonorous, environmental and in all the forms in we know which it in the great large cities, it is a dreamed destiny for those who wishes to separate from the routine and habitual the urban tumult.

In spite of its history of long data, the area is part of Gelderland, (that is considered the surface greatest of Holland), and recognized like a territorial unit for hardly a few years. In 2005, the fusion of Hengelo, Hummelo in Keppel, Steenderen, Vorden and Zelhem gave rise to the sprouting of Bronckhorst, a municipality whose name comes from the small town which today we visited.

From 1811, the city was part of the municipality of Steenderen. It remained under the feudos of the Bronkhorst families and go Heeckerens from 1350 to 1482, when it received his citizen rights.

The church of the place was built in 1460, and one farm of century XVII composes a colorful set of old architecture and genuine aspect. The traditions stay intact in these places, and the craftsmen realize their workings according to the customs inherited during centuries.

The hotel of the city works in a magnificent residence, luxurious and decorated in the style of the English countryside. And something that cannot be left of visit, the Museum of Charles Dickens, a imperdible attraction of this small city.

And more… This natural surroundings, with its wild spirit, are a dreamed scene to enjoy long walks or strolls in bicycle.

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