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The Loevestein Castle

Besides mills and flowers, Holland is land of castles. In Loevestein, a small town of the province of Gelderland, is the aquatic strength that it takes his name, right in the confluence of the rivers Meuse and Waal.

The natural scene that surrounds to this architectonic wonder causes that its enchantment is worth by two. The fort was constructed between years 1357 and 1368, but with aims not very glad. In his origins, it was a prison, and there the famous Hugo de Groot was captive.

This peculiar personage, whose cell of is seen during the visit guided within the castle, was catched and maintained during two years inside the irreducible one hard, but he was able to escape of spectacular way.

One was an academic one of the city of Rotterdam that had been sentenced until death. Of Groot one used one's wits them to hide itself inside a knapsack and thus to reach the outside without being seen. This happened in 1621, and since then it is a well-known figure by all the Dutch.

At present, the castle every day has its open doors of April to October. The lands surround that it are today a natural reserve of incredible beauty and biodiversity, where animal infinity of plants and species reside.

It is the perfect site to give a pleasant stroll, and a classic one between the scholastic excursions, which makes very recommendable not concur in class schedule if it is wanted to cross the building and its environs with tranquility and of solitary way.

In order to reach the castle, some is taken from the ferries that journey in waters of the rivers Maas and Waal, known like Woudrichem and Gorinchem.

Practical information

• Gratuitous entrance.
• Schedules: of April to November, every day from 11 to 17,30 hs. ; the rest of the year, only the week ends.

Photo Via: Trekearth

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