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Red district

If you travel to Amsterdam you do not stop visiting the famous Red District, showcase abierto for the lovers of sex and their games.

In him you will be able to find sex-shops different, the premises of alternates, professionals who offer their services abiertamente, in the middle of an own illumination of its name and that creates a erotic atmosphere highly.

In the Netherlands, by the way, prostitution totally is legalized.

Old district of pescaderos, already from the Average Age existed brothels in which at the moment it is the Damstraat street. In century XVII, and after years of prohibitions, the district began to be developed we know as it nowadays, where the business of sex is exposed freely.

How to arrive until there? It is easy, if you come walking from the central station, in the direction of the Damm place, will find east Red District to your left, located in the old part of Amsterdam, the well-known zone like Oude Zidje.

But it is not only the commerce of sex which can be discovered in this so peculiar district. In him you can find precious inclined houses typical, many of which even have been declared Architectonic Patrimony of this Dutch city.

Oude Kerk

And you will be able to also admire the church Oude Kerk, constructed in century XIV to honor San Nicholas, landlord of the city and that is the oldest building of Amsterdam. In its interior you will be able to visit a small basilica of year 112.

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