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Praq, restaurant for children

In the majority of the cases, the parents usually do not feel the pleasure that means to leave to eat to a restaurant since, they do if it with its children, these run, hinders to the personnel on watch, plays to each other and demands very many attention.

Devised by Tjep, which is a collaboration between Frank Tjepkema and Janneke Hooymans, two excellent designers, and to 3 kilometers approximately of Amsterdam, are in Ouderkerk aan of Amstel a perfect restaurant for adults and filled with diversion and entertainment for the children.

Tjep has known to design a totally agreed space to which the children wish to see and to enjoy. The site is characterized by a cover similar to those of the barns of the farms, composed by great wood beams massive.

Inside, one settled down as intention to create a playful universe - what was fulfilled without problems, through the positioning of furniture and the objects of double utility, like for example, a table that becomes window, a kitchen or until a bus.

Praq is the chosen name to call to this space, since it is a word that in Spanish could be translated by puree: a puree of outlandish forms and colors. Whereas the area for children is full of colors, games and others, the space appointed the adults characterizes by a great comfortableness and comfort.

The menu of this showy place, does not remain either back. They specialize in plates based on original and authentic prescriptions, always using fresh ingredients and, as far as possible, ecological products. It will be able to taste there of a great variety of entrances, soups, pizzas to the furnace, plates made and delicious desserts. In addition, their children would count on a special menu destined to fulfill their pleasures solely.

Added to all previously mentioned, he does not stop also offering a room of events, which can act its as for a conference, a parade or until a presentation of businesses.
Praq, certainly, is a multifacético site, preparation for children, adults, families and until people of businesses. Excuses really do not exist not to visit this site.

Practical information of restaurant Praq:

· Location: Amstelzijde 37 Amstel side 37
1184 TX Ouderkerk aan of Amstel TX 1184 Ouderkerk aan of Amstel
· Telephone: 020 4961570 T 020 4961570
· Page Web: Praq
· Email:

Photo Via: Momoy

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