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There are three zones in which all the hotels in Amsterdam are developed: the one of downtown, the one of the ring of the channels and the one of the district of the museums, each with its characteristics and own advantages and disadvantages.

 Hotels in Amsterdam

Without DUA some, the best situation strategic to make a tourist route by Amsterdam is the historical center. There, the hotels are placed from the Central station to the Dam Place and the Red District. Nevertheless, the great majority of them is hotels without differentiating, very impersonal characteristics and without too attractive. That yes, to the being of great hotel chains, offers a greater comocidad.

The hotels of the district of the Museums usually are of greater category, but nevertheless, to move to us by Amsterdam they are more inadequate because everything more distant pillages to us, and although there, in 40 minutes on foot we practically arrived from the Rijksmuseum to the Dam Place, we were in one of the sides of the city with the inconvenience that supposes.

Finally, they are the hotels that are in the ring of channels. Here the hotels are more uncomfortable when treating old buildings in which rarely are elevators and yes stairs empinadísimas, but on the contrary, we will have the occasion to sleep in a Dutch typical house, of which so many times we have seen inclined. It is tried here to soperar the traditional and more familiar atmosphere against the comfort of a great hotel.

It is in this last zone where are most of the B&B, small hotelitos to very reasonable prices that in addition offer a breakfast.

You must remember that the prices of the hotels in Amsterdam are majors in the periods of April and May (for being the season of tulips and flowers and to receive very many tourists) and of July to August. In winter, from November to March, the prices can get to be until a cheaper 25%.

Nowadays, many hotels offer in addition with the price gratuitous excursions in boat by the channels or entrances to the museums.

You consider that in all the Benelux, the system of Hotel Classification establishes the number of stars of the hotel based on the services and the facilities that offers, without considering the place where it is nor the enchantment that has the hotel.

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