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The street car is the transport means that more usually are used in Amsterdam, mainly, when it is to move by the center. For the tourist not only he is comfortable, because it approaches to you quickly any point that wishes, but in addition showy.

 Tram in Amsterdam

The problem for the tourist resides in its difficult signaling, since there is little distinction between the zones reserved for the street car, and the one that are for the cars and passers-by. The shutdowns, even, can get to be almost in half of the street, and so there is to keep special well-taken care of when lowering and to raise. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the yellow posters that signalize, in that they come the number of the line well, and their shutdowns, and finally, to watch in the part superior of the street car when it arrives, because it puts the direction there in which it goes, mainly so that, by mistake you do not take the street car in opposite direction.

In order to raise the street car you can make it by anyone of its doors, although by norm usually they are used the advantage (if you need that the conductor seals ticket) or the one of in the middle. In order to lower usually they are used the power station and the back.

The street cars in Amsterdam usually are uncomfortable and in addition they go crowded of people in schedules end. Its schedule is from the 6 in the morning to the 12 at night, approximately, although the week ends begin later.

Tickets you must sacarlso in the Station Plein in the GVB or any shutdown of meter. Tickets of one hour can be bought but usually they are more expensive, reason why, like tursita, it is better than you plan or your displacements and you see if it interests some to you of the many modalities that are for several days or several trips. These ticket strips are what they are known like Strippenkaart that are those that there are to seal to subirte in the street car in yellow machines that there are in the interior.

Plane of the street car of AmsterdamAlthough next we included the plane to you (you do click above to extend) with the lines of existing street cars, we advanced to you that most tourist they are:

  • Line 4 of the Cental Station to Albert Cuypstraat
  • The 5 that it crosses from the central station to the Leidseplein happening through the Dam Place
  • The 7 that takes of the Zoo Artis to Leidseplein.
  • The 9 that takes from the Station to the Plantage
  • The 14 that takes of the Plantage until the typical district of the Jordaan
  • The 16 that takes of the Central station until the district of the museums

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