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Card I Amsterdam, discounts, benefits

If the best friend of the man is the dog, the one of the woman, the diamond, and so on, who could deny that the best friend than a traveller in Amsterdam can ask is the card I Amsterdam, that offers benefits for great amount of attractions of the city.

More than 30 absolutely gratuitous entrances and 20 discounts in the prices of the accesses to diverse visits forced of the Dutch capital: 50 good reasons to acquire I Amsterdam. For anxious tourists, who feel that never they have seen everything it and that there are thousands of places that are to know, this is the ideal card.

The Museum Van Gogh, the Stedelijk Museum, the Oude Kerk and the Rijksmuseum are only some of the sites of totally gratuitous entrance presenting/displaying I Amsterdam. Also it includes a stroll free by the channels that cross the city. Another advantage that all we will appreciate is the benefits in transports public: to travel in street car, bus and meter will not leave a single cent.

Other sites offer important discounts, like the Museum of Madam Tussaud and the Ajax Sand, that remarkably reduces the price of the guided visits. At this point, already it is difficult to calculate how much we have saved, but this is not everything.

As much stroll without a doubt abrió the appetite to us, and is hour to prove a succulent food of typical or international subjects of gossip: an ample variety of restaurants has discounts for I Amsterdam.

The options to acquire a card I Amsterdam are three:

  • valid for 24 hours: 33 Euros;
  • valid for 48 hours: 43 Euros;
  • valid for 72 hours: 53 Euros.

The places where an I Amsterdam can be obtained are:

  • the airport of Schiphol: in the lobby of arrival nº 2, in the table of information for tourists;
  • the central station of Amsterdam: in platform 2 and Stationsplein 10, against the station;
  • in the station Amsterdam Zuid and the Bijlmer station: in the ticket sale and intelligence-gathering posts.
  • In the stations of Shell of Europaboulevard 24, 6 Galwin and Hobbemakade 120, Amsterdam.

Also it is possible to order it by Internet. In this Web you can also consult guide 2008 of this card, to in detail know the discounts and benefits that offer.

And when everything is ready, have a good travel!

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