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Montelbaanstoren, tower of the clock of Amsterdam

Montelbaanstoren is its name, and any tourist who has sailed by the channels of this city still maintains it in his retina to the arrival to his hotels in Amsterdam, she remembers although it like the medieval tower of Amsterdam, or like the tower of the clock.

This monument is located on the border of the IJssel lake, in the channel Oude Schans, and is testimony of the old military and commercial power that the Dutch capital held during the Average Age. The tower was part of a defensive wall destined to protect to the city of the external attacks, as well as to watch the merchandize transit.

At the top of this tower, were the military guards, with the aim of alerting to the army in case enemy insults took place. The Montelbaanstoren was constructed in 1512 and at present a true emblem of the past is considered of Amsterdam.

According to the students count, the tower soon became a site of reference for diverse public. The navigators, for example, used to meet on the foot of Montelbaanstoren before starting off for a especially long trip.

The clock was addition later, in 1606, like the decorative needle. Apparently, in a beginning the clock did not work as it had, and the bells sounded in unthinkable schedules. For this reason, the town baptized to the tower like “Jack the idiot?. At the moment, the use that has occurred to the tower is totally different from its original function. In our days, it shelters in his interior to the Waste water Department and Hydric Resource management of Amsterdam, more commonly well-known like the Office of the Water of the City.

But, of course that in spite of this new utility, the tower continues being a symbol of the Dutch capital, and any stroll by its channels means to happen next to her, to enjoy its lavish architecture and to hear the interesting history precedes that it.

Photo Via: Go Amsterdam

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