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Monte Vaals

To the south-east of Holland, the confluence between the borders of this country with those of Belgium and Germany conform a key point of European geography. Known like Drielandenpunt, this place near the city of the Maastricht, in the province of Limburg, is an interesting site to visit.

In many cases, the border places usually are remote and to be little lived… nor to speak of which they know something of the tourism. On the contrary, Drielandenpunt has always considered its potential to attract travellers of different countries, and for that reason it is a very alive region, with innumerable attractions to offer.

Between that it emphasizes more is without doubts the labyrinth of Drielandenpunt, a challenge for great and small in the middle of the amazing tediously pruned shrubs that train interminable runners in the famous border.

Another one gorgeous view is the one that offers the Vaalserberg - in Spanish, Monte Vaals-, a hill of more than 320 meters of height. Although it does not seem much, is the highest point of all Holland (we remember that good part of her is below the level of the sea).

In the side Belgian of the hill, a highest tower - Boudewijntoren, in German, and Tour Baudouin, in French it is the ideal site to obtain most impressive panoramic from the environs.

Although today Drielandenpunt is the point of confluence of three countries, this has not been thus from always. In the past, a fourth country existed: Moresnet. This small town had own autonomy, because the territories majors that limited with him tried to take control it and they had never managed to reach an agreement.

Good reasons it had for it, since Moresnet were home of a most important zinc mine. Exhausted the source of the mineral in 1885, the discussion ignited again. In 1908, the curiosities continued, when Wilhelm Molly proposed that a region became of Moresnet where esperanto like first language was spoken. At present, the town is part of the territory Belgian.

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