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28-06-2010 | Souto Alves

Parade gay

For that they work in July and they pawn the volume of his vacacionales hopes on the month of August: it is necessary to be preparing the list of possible destinies. Destinies like wonderful Amsterdam, always in its place, temptress, although always offering a different and renewed profile to us, a new and different temptation.

In summer the city is a celebration (almost all Europe is it). For example, the first week and a half of August blunts a series of very interesting events. Among them, a special appointment: the Parade of the Gay Pride.

The Dutch society teaches its more tolerant and abierta face of the funniest and colorful way. The wave gay takes control literally of the streets of Amsterdam during a few days in which they do not lack exhibitions, factories, films and celebrations. Amen, clearly, of the main parade that, here kind, is rather fluvial.

This year the event will take place between the 5 and the 8 of August. The celebration of welcome or inauguration is the 5, in the Westermarkt. From then Amsterdam one will become a light outbreak, color, flavor and aromas, without forgetting the music, whose paper in this type of festivales always is indispensable.

Thus, Friday 6 of August the best thing will be hoping to us in Reguliersdwarsstraat (famous atmosphere street gay), Paardenstraat, Thorbeckeplein and again Westermarkt. That as far as the street moved one. At night the temperature raises several degrees in different clubs from the city. In the official page one is the details.

Saturday 7 is the great day. But great great: the day in which Amsterdam will further on be discovered from orto to the decline and like city very superlatively gay. Partly that will have to the great parade. There will be floats, but no boats that sail by the channels of Venice of the north. And while on the hulls the desfilantes shine their infinite self-confidence, both sides a true multitude observes the nothing amezadora fleet.

At night there are several celebrations that those that likes of this appointment not can lose. For that they must go to the premises like the Melkweg, the Air, the Church Club or the Home Club. All local are known in centric places, so that it does not have well-taken care of.

Sunday 8 Amsterdam Gay Pride throws the closing. Nevertheless it dies killing, that would say the other, and in fact the celebration still reaches to the dawn in some premises. What it is not clear is that they also reach to the last moment the forces of the participants. But it is what they have the vacations: they are exhausting.

Photo via: tqn

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  1. Agreeing with the week of the Gay Pride, Jesus Vazquez has cheered up and put as he came to the world in Interviú!

    Ay omá!

    Commentary by KAs
    28-06-2010 @ 2:23 p.m.

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