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It pleases It to restaurant

They had not spoken to me very well, everything is necessary to say it, of how one eats in Amsterdam. We really traveled with a too negative idea, mainly due to thinking that many tourists went to the places more appellants, MacDonalds, kebabs and others to eat in Amsterdam.

This gives you that to think that it does not have of having very good restaurants in the city. Nevertheless, we had the luck to give with which yes that satisfied us pleasingly, and for that reason we want to share it with you. One is Pleases It to the Restaurant, located in center of the city, concretely in the Kalverstraat street.

More than a restaurant it is an establishment type buffet. Nevertheless, it has of everything, and very good quality. There are plates or preparations, as which you can be served you yourself, and other that you can ask they do that you to your taste, mainly salads, pizzas or even sandwiches. The price. Usually it makes the rounds between the 10 and 15 Euros, something that you will not find with facility in any restaurant of Amsterdam.

Nothing else to enter already it give account you that is a cheap place and of much quality, since much people, as much tourist see themselves, mainly, as the resident premises, and even students. It has a great inner hall, and if the time accompanies, there is very interesting an outer terrace. Also it works like cafeteria, so you can come in the evening.

You will see, if you repeat sometimes, how much people have your same idea, and goes there to eat cheap in the city, and besides good quality. You enter, you are choosing your plates with your tray, and salts by the box to pay them.

Since then we thought that all the places in Amsterdam are not bad to eat. Perhaps he is very boisterous, that yes, but really you eat well and cheap. We recommended to you first that you go soon, because in Amsterdam is not like in Spain, there on the 13,00 hours already one eats, and at night it is had dinner between the 18,00 and 19,00 hours.

Photo Via Pjotr P.

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  1. I always am thankful to them by all the information that offer me, had a vision not very clear of the country, but, they are demonstrating the opposite to me, I someday hope to be., greetings

    Commentary by David
    09-04-2010 @ 2:51 p.m.

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