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Who does not make any trip with a good guide of trip that helps him to make profitable the route? If you travel to Holland, or Amsterdam, in particular, I recommend the guides to you of trip of Anaya. They have a very complete assortment so that the stay in the country is most pleasant possible and returns from there with the sensation of which you have seen, at least, most recommendable.

From the classic guide of trip, happening through the trip notebook in which to make your annotations and to count your experiences, planes of Amsterdam, visual maps of the country, guides or even dictionaries so that the language is not a disadvantage are to your disposition now also in this page.

From here, from SobreHolland, also you will be able to buy the guides from trip to Amsterdam and Holland de Anaya Touring Club, one of the most famous and recognized publishing houses in the tourist world, between which one is, for example, Guía Trotamundos.

Here I leave the relation you of trip guides who you can acquire. You do not have more to enter, informaros, and to buy them, and in to 24/48 you will have them hours in house.


- She guides Alive of Amsterdam/Holland: one is a colorful and very attractive guide. As its name indicates, she is a very active guide who includes so much flat with things to do by day, like doing at night. Tourist purchases, tapeos, atmosphere, sites… and everything what they offer selecting to a good relation quality/price.

- Alive Express of Amsterdam Guides: with the same format of the previous one, this one is directed to designed travellers who are going to happen just a short time in the Dutch capital and need concrete things, and passages good.

- Total of Amsterdam and Holland Guides: guides very met with luxurious paper in color and cover in yellow and gray. He is thought for travellers who like to experience everything what Holland can offer: history, culture, gastronomy, tourism, art, climate, vocabulary… They are very complete and they offer a great variety of services.

- Trotamundos of Amsterdam Guides: probably Trotamundos guides are more of the sold guides of whatever has in the bookstores. He is ideal for independent travellers, who like to organize their own routes. They are funny and very pleasant to read, very he is updated and, mainly, it is very practical.

- Guiarama Amsterdam: showy guide who offers to us, besides ample panoramic a cultural one of the city, offers natural itineraries, excursions, maps and planes, and spaces to us, and all identified by means of symbols to graduate which is the interest that can have. He is very practical and visual.

- Guide TresD Amsterdam: she is a very visual and very practical guide that she offers three-dimensional graphs and images that facilitate the perspective of main monuments.

- Notebook from trip to Amsterdam: you want to remember your experiences? this it is a magnificent notebook to be writing down your trip, but in addition it is accompanied by magnificent done drawings to brush and stories written to pencil.

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