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14-04-2010 | Souto Alves


It is repeated over and over again: Holland is the paradise of the cicloturista. It is a topic, yes, but after all certain. However, the moment has arrived for happening of the saying at the fact, and for that it is almost our obligation to recommend routes, to offer advice practical and to warn on excellent data.

The data are surprising. In Holland there are approximately 18 million bicycles and most significant it is than the majority of them does not agonize in the attics but they are used of habitual form.

Nothing strange on the other hand, if we consider that the road network at the disposal of the cyclists surpasses the 17000 kilometers, with thousands of ramifications that allow to cross Holland of itinerary north to the south little following less than customized.

This social presence of the cicloturismo has obvious consequences, like the possibility of renting a bicycle in sites in which one, to be in Mediterranean countries, would not wait for it, or that places of transit and pernoctación are preparations to receive to such class of tourists.

Nevertheless, this good availability of all Holland for the practice of the bicycle does not mean that we must not have presents some precautions. For example, the one that considers the eventuality climatic. The winter is humid, cold, and the days are very short. The best time, without a doubt, is in summer, but also the spring, station in which we were, offers unique landscapes.

Although the fact that Holland is flat chance moves to the sadness of those who, not fearing the zoomings hills, rejoices at the same time when the highway descends precipitadamente. An element not to forget is the wind, mainly in zones next to the coast, that can be quite annoying.

As we said to you, the amount and quality of footpaths and passages will make the delights of the fan to the two wheels. They exist, in addition, a series of routes of long-haul, LF (Landelijke Fietsroutes), that sometimes cross the country of north to the south and this the west extending outside the Dutch territory.

Considering the dense thing of the cicloturista network, the one of less is the point to begin with. From any place we will be able to arrive at any other. However, if we chose to fly until Amsterdam, it will not be of more knowledge than around of the greater Dutch city there is a pair of very interesting routes that have to Amsterdam like principle and aim.

One towards the south, in sense in opposition to the needles of the clock and whose stages will take to us until Haarlem, Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam, Vianen and again Amsterdam. And another one towards the north, in hour sense, that it crosses Alkmaar, Gives Helder, Oudeschild, Gives Oever, Enkhuizen and Volendam, before returning to Amsterdam.

Photo via: cuaquenino

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  1. Very interesting the infomación, is good for continuing learning in the life, greetings

    Commentary by David
    15-04-2010 @ 3:31 p.m.

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