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Other times we have presented/displayed you cultural programs by different Dutch cities. That is very well but and if we do not like the museums? And if we thought that the major and more been thankful it is not but the museum of the life in his animated cotidianidad? And if not even he finishes to us convincing a destiny like Holland, lovers rather of the Mediterranean activity of the places of the south?

Our passion, we put, resides in the anxious social life. We like to be with people, to chat, to enjoy the other. The contemplation of a mere fabric hung in the wall bores to us, concern a cucumber to us the tulips, the mills leave us indifferent. Then? Closing the possibility of visiting Holland? By God, absolutely.

A secret: those that likes more of the Netherlands, and in particular of Amsterdam, are the off guard one, those that arrives by chance, those that do not show the unshakeable adhesion beforehand. We imagine a good supply of airplane that serves to touch to one of that friend pertaining to the class of the incredulous ones, men of little faith. We bet that the enchantment of Holland will end up prevailing.

We are in Amsterdam, then. By all means, we forgot museums and well-worn visits. First of all, it is necessary to solve a question: how to move by the city? It will depend, clearly, of everyone. It seems to us evident, nevertheless, that to cross good part of the center the best thing will be the car of San Fernando… only therefore we will lose ourselves between the channels, running into with unique and comforting corners.

Or we will rent a bicycle? Why no? In front of the station, in any case, it is the tourist information bureau. They will put us to the current: the network of transport in Amsterdam is fabulous. The average ones to move are of all the flavors and all the colors. By earth or water. Electrical or to mechanical traction. In case a recommendation: to avoid the car.

The tourist information bureaus have peculiar consequences: they abren the appetite to us (that sometimes is confused with the simple desire to leave there running). Ok, ok, nothing of museums. We go to a coffee. We look for a young, university atmosphere, chose the one Of Jaren (Nieuwe Doelenstraat). We like the refinement barroca, to the maximum expressed decorative excess. We choose, then, by the Americain Coffee.

Or if no, why to give names? We put in any premises and we proved the famous ones pannekoken, something as well as crepes. Either, or, the thing goes or. And now what? Now it is Amsterdam. But nothing of museums. Better, we go away of purchases. There are moments at which the city seems a great bazaar. Amsterdam is full of stores, that go from the extreme luxury to the more stirring street positions.

The time happens quickly. One cannot walk by this city without their thousand alternatives and entertain it to possibilities. The events leave the patios of the houses to occupy the street. , If already it is summer, also Amsterdam even has its beaches. Urban, by all means.

And soon or it will be necessary to go to have dinner, in the Suzy Wong or the Onassis or, better, to enter restaurant of a traditional, native food. The night falls and, to finish off it, we go away of celebration. Somebody doubt that Amsterdam offers an amazing amount of pubs and the premises? Great discotheques, chic atmosphere, atmosphere alternative, concert halls, old churches recovered for the benefit nocturne… in short, that already the aurora shows his patita and yes we obtained, it. To enjoy Amsterdam without stepping on not one museum.

To what you are hoping to reserve your Amsterdam flights already and to enjoy all these wonders.

Photo via: elbaulperdido

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