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Amsterdam at night

Again, Amsterdam. But, it could be of another way? Blog on Holland must periodically return to touch, like a musical phrase that represented the skeleton of a melody, the subject of Amsterdam, the share capital and international, since nonpolitical nor administrative, of Holland.

Because there are inexhaustible cities or, as Brecht would say, essential, and Amsterdam is it. They are large cities whose spine is not but the present time of a tension that does not stop. By better saying, of multiple tensions.

And thus, Amsterdam struggles between tradition (because yes, friendly, Holland he is incredibly traditional, preservative in ecological sense that nonideological, but so it is the secret of the societies that leave track) and modernity, between a baroque one of the light, music (that organ of the Old Church) and of urbanism (how it not to be bored by almost 200 channels) and a clasicismo through the painting, of the architecture, the life.

Is Amsterdam Venice of the north or rather will not already have become Venice the Amsterdam of the south? Bah, and why to foment rivalries or to establish comparisons, that are not odious but banal, between large cities that are beyond the good and of the evil?

Because it is not that Amsterdam (or Venice) is sinful, that is it. It is that the sin is moderate in other terms. What in any contingent city scandal happens, in Amsterdam is not more than vulgarity. But taken care of! Then thus also what in all perishable large city it is still custom zafia but that, custom, that is based and repeated action (habitus), in Amsterdam is almost intolerable. Question of taste, of good taste we would dare to add.

What we have meant with this last one? Surprise, surprise… the movement is demonstrated walking, grumbled shy and the kind one of Zenón. The same bond for Amsterdam. Nowadays no longer there is excuse when the airplane has been transformed into the tricycle of… long ago good, is on the verge of having it, will object some to me of you: friskings, escáneres and other cochairs of the style.

But they exist the train, the boat, the bicycle. Since we arrive, the means are the one of less: Amsterdam is immortal, yes, but not we. To see if the goddess is going to decide that it is already hour to confront the trip to the other World without we had decided to begin no in Ours.

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