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Amsterdam RAI

Amsterdam is a city with a great cultural supply, where always events worthy are happening to be been present at. One of the main scenes of these activities is Amsterdam RAI, its center of exhibitions and congresses, in which innumerable exhibitions and events of all type are organized.

Fairs, conferences, samples, festivales and until sport events usually are part of the RAI billboard. This space, don't mention it less than 87 thousand meters squared, counts on eleven multifunctional rooms destined to exhibitions and other 22 rooms dedicated to congresses and conferences, that can lodge simultaneously up to 1750 people.

RAI is in the south of Amsterdam, more specifically in the enterprise district, near the World Trade Center (World-wide Center of Commerce). Well it is connected with the international airport of the city thanks to a service of train that realizes a trip of 10 minutes between the Terminal of exits and the railway station RAI.

From station RAI, it is possible to realize other routes in railroad, like Weesp - Almere - Lelystad, Weesp - Hilversum - Utrecht Centraal and Amsterdam Zuid - Schiphol - Leiden Centraal. Thus you will be able to still more take advantage of your stay in the hotels in Amsterdam.

Other transports that communicate RAI are the bus that counts on a right shutdown against the center, and also the boats that realize strolls by the channels. For those who they prefer to go in bus, the parking of the place counts on space for 4600 vehicles, and a second space a little more moved away than can lodge up to 7500 cars.

RAI also emphasizes by the excellent services of restoration that offers. Nothing less than four restaurants of supermarket operates there, and other two with service of young men: Ronde and Brasserie. Of course, the events ask for that it can count on service of catering for their guests or concurrence.

Practical information

Address: Europaplein 22 - 1078 AZ Amsterdam
Telephone: + (31) - (20) - 5491212
Fax: + (31) - (20) - 6464469/5491889
Web site:

Photo Via: Faculteit der Exacte Wetenschappen

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