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Holland is a country with an ample one and variable cultural supply. This month, numerous events are taking place, and we will make a review by most important of them to invite them to approach Amsterdam, the most visited of the Dutch cities, with the aim of glimpsing the essence and the wonders that each of them provides to us.

The Festival the International of Documentary Films was inaugurated Thursday 19 of November the past, and it will extend until next the 29 of the same month. One is about an annual event that exposes 250 documentary a worldwide one. It constitutes the greatest festival of his type, and it is distributed between the Pathé de Munt, the Pathé Tuschinski and, for projections outdoors, the Rembrandt Place, in front of the museum dedicated to the painter.

It was founded on 1988 and since then the festival has become Mecca for producers of documentary anywhere in the world. The concurrence grows every year, with records of more than 100 thousand spectators by edition. The price of the entrance is of 8.50 € by projection.

Another recommendable attraction in the same city is bread Amsterdam, the Fair of National Art and Antiques that are developed every year in Amsterdam RAI. It initiated the 22 of November and one will also extend until the 29 of November. € for the adults has a cost of 12.50 and 5 € for the young people between 12 and 18 years. The 19 schedules are from 11 to hs., every day, and until the 18 hs. the days 26 Thursdays and Sunday 29.

Finally, in the Tropical Museum, a exhibition dedicated to postal of principles of century XX the past takes place from 3 of July that illustrate habitual diseases of the time and their corresponding treatments, a collection of the pharmacologist To put of Smet. It will be in exhibition until the 29 of November, 10 to 17 hs., by 7.50 € for adults and 6 € for the young people between 6 and 17 years.

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  1. I am happy every day seeing the news of Holland that rich to go to that country to visit them.

    Commentary by iliana Go'mez
    24-11-2009 @ 8:43 p.m.

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