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restaurant Dylan

To cross main attractive the tourist ones of Holland is an excellent program to enjoy wonderful days being crossed new destinies and knowing new traditions and great cultures. But in all vacations the moment arrives for proving the local and international gastronomy, and for this occasion nothing will be better than to concur to the restaurant Dylan.

Call is the ex- restaurant Blakes, Dylan, now located in Keizersgracht 384, Amsterdam, concretely in the hotel of the same name that remodelado and was prepared, although have taken shelter the edilicios lineamientos that existed when it worked under the Blakes name. The last fashions of the design of interiors arrived until this restaurant, restaurant that based on the colors black and white its main decoration.

Without losing calidez, its decoration is very modern, elegant, relajante, with ample large windows that filter the outer light during the day. By the nights, the round tables are let illuminate by a tenuous excellently diagramada light, ideal for romantic dinners.

The kitchen of Dylan is based on the fusion, with an ample mixture of flavors of east and the West, and that internationalizes its letter for all the possible palates. The restaurant receives great amount of tourists of all the corners of the continent as well as inhabitants of the country, which forces to maintain its plates international more regional eating. The letter offers several alternatives that we do not have to stop trying, like the dish of marinaded raw fish, animal of hunting - in special the duck and the red deer and some that another fish, although we will leave them to the seafood for tie restaurants more to the marine world.

Like all restaurant of hotel and category, the attention is excellent, the best climate and enjoys. In order to accompany the meals, nothing better than a good wine (it will be able to choose some of France, Italy or Argentina) of quality, Malbec if it is of smooth palate or Cabernet for stronger palates.

Of one or the other way, Dylan is a high-class restaurant, with good attention, good wine letter and an ideal atmosphere to enjoy an excellent night.

As far as the price, an average food, with wine usually goes up to around the 100 Euros by person. To recommend it or does not depend on the plan of each but we looked for a high high-class restaurant will not defraud to us.

The context of the restaurant is its own hotel, perhaps one of most elegant and intimist of all the hotels in Amsterdam, with superb a customized service. Its location, on the Keizersgracht - one of the famous channels of the city, makes truly irresistible.

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