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They go Gogh

They go Gogh became famous by its pictorial works, but it is not only through its pictures that we can approach us the life and the work of this important artist. From the past 9 of October, and to the 3 of January of 2010, they will be exhibited more than 120 letters of the Dutch genius in the museum that takes its name.

The great majority is kept by this institution, whereas other so many have arrived from diverse museums and bookstores from the world to be united to the collection. For example, three emblematic ones and very watched over letters are those that Go Gogh also wrote to their friend and artist Emile Bernard, who especially will be protected for exhibition.

With this sample, it is in evidence that the talent of Goes Gogh and their passion by the painting did not finish there. Also he was an excellent writer, and in each letter it overturned his thoughts and emotions with great sincerity. Another remarkable letter is the directed one to their brother, Theo, in November of 1883, while this one last one resided in the city of Ar to them, France.

Many others are of great importance because in them the artist describes paintings who has culminated recently, and of that way it is possible to be recreated his intention and its impression, in such a way that on the matter many emblematic pieces acquire new characteristics and examined shades to the being under the light of these lines.

The exhibition is been from an investigation of 15 years carried out altogether by the Museum Van Gogh and the Institute Huygens of the Real Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Netherlands.

Besides the sample, this project gave to light a Web site in which the 902 letters can be examined that compose the total heap of the written correspondence and received by They go Gogh. In the site are the transcriptions in their original language with translations to English and the images of the pieces.

Photo Via: To Good Spirit

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