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Amsterdam is well-known for being a city of mind very open, tolerant and ready to enjoy the differences more than to repress them. The nocturnal life, the supply of sex and the free consumption of marijuana are some circumstances that exemplify this, but not only of “I release the brakes? we are speaking here you will verify and it if you can know the city while you metheglins in some of the hotels in Amsterdam better.

The acceptance of the other and its personal characteristics is also part of the tolerance and the spirit of Amsterdam. And, as it could not be of another way, one at the top is of the movements of recognition and vindication of homosexuality.

There it was inaugurated, in September of 1987, the Homomonument, first in his type of all the history. As to his it indicates it name, one is a monument to the homosexuality located in the Westermarkt, right in the center of the Dutch capital. But their origins, in 1979, were not so welcomes as it was desired.

Since we have mentioned, it was not but eight years later that could officially be inaugurated the monument, that until then had not been recognized of official way. The three pink granite triangles commemorate the life of gays and lesbians who have been object persecution due to their sexual preferences. It sends to the symbol with which one identified them in the Nazi concentration camps, in that died a great percentage of them.

The Homomonument is near the border of the Keizersgracht channel, next to the Westerkerk church that gives name to the place frames that it. It was constructed on the initiative of group LGBT (lesbian, gays, bisexuals and trans) of Holland, with the collaboration of different groups from international level. The design is of Karin Daan.

The artist was meticulous in his work, and she did not leave detail at random ruined. The vertices of the greater triangle (formed by three smaller) indicate each to a very significant site of the city: the house of Ana Frank, the national monument of the war located in the Dam place, and gay known like KICK Nederland soothes of the liberation group.

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