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Shelter City

The youthful shelter The Shelter City is a good option of lodging in Amsterdam. He is one of the cheapest lodgings, considering the face that is this city. Also it depends on the season, since in summer everything raises of price and, in addition, fills immediately, reason why he is more than recommendable to reserve in time.

Its location cannot be more centric, since it is in a side street of the Red District, that yes very calm one. When you come from the activity of the main streets and enter the shelter notes the calm thing that are. In addition it has an inner patio with plants and a pool the sea to calm where the renters meet and where also it is possible to be eaten in the tables.

It has the peculiarity of being a shelter taken by a Christian association, reason why loves are posters like “God you? or “Jesus is the Lord? and when you do check-in will invite to you to unirte to the orations of afternoon and to discussions on the Bible that carry out, but nothing else. If you are not Christian you see your roll and nobody will bother to you. Calm you, who nobody will try convertirte.

Good that it is a Christian site is that it is not allowed to smoke (except in the patio), neither the drugs nor the alcohol, something very important in Amsterdam if you do not come to the city to make “tourism of porros?, since the majority of youth shelters is simultaneously coffee shops.

The shelter counts on a cafeteria where they serve the breakfast and also they make dinners. Account in addition with a piano for that cheers up to touch it. As far as the rooms, they are very great, of 12 to 20 beds each, although also there are dormitories of 4, 6 or 8 beds. That yes, boys and girls separately.

- Practical Information:

  • Address: Barndesteeg 21. To 10 minutes on foot of the station of trains.
  • Price: from 16 to 27 € by person approximately, includes clothes of bed and breakfast. The week ends the price increases about 2 €.
  • It is not allowed to smoke nor to drink.
  • Limit of age 35 years.
  • Access to Internet, have microwaves and common refrigerator and rent ticket offices for the luggage with a 5 deposit of € that soon will reimburse.
  • 160 beds. Mixed nondormitories.

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