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Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is a destiny with infinity of activities and sites that to visit. The cultural supply that presents/displays its visitors is always totally complete, and one of the indispensable elements from all the trips to Amsterdam is to know its museums.

Of course, in a single trip he is not simple to visit them all, but it interests the art here to you I leave some key names you that you will not have to forget. Holland, with its glorious artistic past and its creative and innovating present, is a perfect site to make contact with enemy with the art.

The Rijksmuseum is surely the visited museum more of Amsterdam. One is the national museum, and there you can interiorizarte about the work of Dutch painters of century XVII. Of course, there are many other collections, but that is most complete than it can be.

The Stedelijkmuseum is also one of the main museums of the city. It is the municipal museum, and in him you will find pieces of modern and contemporary art. Part of its collection gave rise to another outstanding institution in the matter: the Museum Van Gogh.

Attractive the tourist one of the Museum Van Gogh is admirable. The painter extremely is known international level, and its work has become popular. It is for that reason that the visits to this museum, organized in five periods, usually are very concurred. There are emblematic pieces, like their self-portrait.

Another Dutch painter of great presence is Rembrandt, and its house works at the moment like a museum dedicated to him. One is the residence in which lived between 1639 and 1659, of great importance for his work for being one of the sites in which its creation was more prolific.

The Museum van Loon also used to be a residence, whose first inhabitant he was exactly a student of Rembrandt, Ferdinand Bowl. Nevertheless, the large house acquired the name of its last proprietor. In its interior, an extensive collection of art corresponding to the family is conserved Go Loon.

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